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Founders’ Journey

  Our journey began in Amman/Jordan with confidence in the abilities of Arabs.  We have unlimited abilities and human resources which IMCan will invest for you. We have the professional tools, educational materials, business solutions, and the training to meet the needs of educators, parents, and business managers. Mr. Jamal Freihat began the journey with a dream as he traveled to UAE. After several years of living in UAE, he relocated, lived and has worked in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. There he became a citizen and brought his dream closer to reality because of the inspiration he found there. Mr. Freihat is now joined by Shada Badawi, Shaher Badawi and Nedal Badawi, who form the team of founders to achieve our dream together… 

We believe that the difference between us and the pioneers in other countries is the human resources, we work to help our partners discover the abilities and talents inside them. To develop human resources, proper tools, educational solutions, training solutions and applications are necessary. 

     Our dream, which began in 2009 more than twenty years ago, is now being realized. 2017 has been a challenging year in the Arab world, in politics and economics. This has caused us to redouble our efforts to innovate and to make a difference through our products, services and the solutions we provide to our partners. We pledge the quality of our products to the partners who trust and invest in our products and services.  IM-CAN is your source for educational materials and training.